Sunday, May 08, 2005

Sunday, May 8th 2005

I woke up at 1120am and heated up some water for tea. I made breakfast and relaxed; I used my computer for a while. I felt a little rundown from this past week.

At 215pm I went to the supermarket so I could get some "cash back", I purchased bar soap for Sanjit and then took a car crosstown to his place. Rustam came over about 15 minutes after I arrived. We hung out and discussed last nights dealings. At 330 they left to get some chinese food. I walked down with them on my way to the gym.

I did some rowing on the erg for 10k - 11k meters. When I was finished I went back to Hartley. I returned Sanjit's ID; Finn was chilling with us in the living area. I left at 6pm and walked home.

I stopped in at the deli before going upstairs. When I got home I showered and made dinner. I watched a few episodes of Carnivale. I was beat, I went to bed around 10pm.


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