Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Tuesday, May 10th 2005

I woke up at 825 this morning after a good night's rest. I performed my usual morning routines and letf for HCID. I arrived at 925am.

During my morning hours I worked on the Silent Auction. At 1130 Brett, Mariajose, and myself had a meeting about the event. At 1230 I went to the Brooks Brother's store on E44th Street to drop of some postcards for the event. I wasn't paying attention and boarded the Downtown train on the way back. I switched to the Uptown four at Union Sq. James was on the same train as I was heading to 502. I didn't notice until he nudged me as he got off.

In the afternoon I spent some time working on the Company database. I listened to an episode of 'This American Life' which told some good stories about mistaken identitiy. There were a lot of incoming calls concerning the Polo Match. They continually interrupted my listening experience.

I left HCID at 530 and toted my freshly cleaned clothes home with me in a Staples box. When I got home I folded my laundry and made some food. I debated going out, but once again sided with relaxing at home. I took a shower, and surfed the internet a bit. I hung out on my fire escape. After 9 I watched an episode of Carnivale.

Its around 1030 now, I will go to bed fairly soon. Oftentimes I feel the urge to stay up later, but knowing I will regret it the next day I climb into bed and read until I fall asleep.


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