Thursday, June 23, 2005

Thursday, June 23 2005

I got up at 730am. I made breakfast and then left for work. I arrived by 925am.

Brett and I met to discuss the conference he had been attending with Geyi in Philadelphia. I set up a new monitor and worked on the resource database. I left at 120pm. My camera turned up, I went over to Drew's house on 84th and Park to pick it up.

I did some light lifting and some rowing at NYSC. Afterwards I walked home and showered. I ate some food at 330 and wrote some emails. I left for the townhouse about an hour later. When I got in I chatted with Rosario for a bit.

I made dinner and sat around; I spent some time on the computer and watched tv--nothing too exciting. I went to bed around 1030 after some reading.


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