Sunday, July 03, 2005

Saturday, July 2nd 2005

I spent the day at the townhouse under paid house arrest. Iwoke up at 545 and snuck back to my apartment to pick up some clothes. I'm gonna have to give a synopsis of my day activities because I have a train to catch.

I took some pictures which I posted, made myself a new and improved resume, picked up some mail and sent it to Oklahoma, cooked some ground turkey which I ate throughout the day. I watched tv, hungout, read, didn't do too much.

It was a shitty day to work. There were a lot of other places I would have rather been. But, on the whole I shouldn't complain--not many jobs allow one to do nothing all day and get paid well.

I went to sleep after midnight. Posts might be a little more sporadic from here on out...I'm headed back to Weston for a week or so, where I lack an internet connection.


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