Monday, January 02, 2006

Cress Family Reunion

I left Christmas morning for Mexico and spent six days with the Cress family. My flight got in at 330pm, I then took a van to our resort, The Bahia Grand Principe, in Talum, Mexico.

In attendance were: my father, Greg, myself, Adrian, Lina, Aunt Nancy, Ed, Diane, Lee, Alyssa, Jenna, David, Don, Deb, Steven, Caitlin, Uncle George and Aunt Connie. We met up for dinner that first night at what would be my first of many buffets.

The resort was all inclusive; all drinks and food were included. I would compare the food to an excellent college cafeteria. I was happy to have a wide selection and enjoyed the change of pace.

On Monday we sat around the pool and beach and familiarized ourselves with the resort. On Tuesday we visited some Mayan ruins at Talum in the morning. In the afternoon we went snorkeling and saw some turtles.

On Wednesday we woke up at 530am and went fishing in a reserve. The ride was 2 hours each way over the worst roads I can remember. The fishing was fun, Dad and I shared a boat and although the fly fishing was unsuccesful, we did catch a number of fish with spinning rods in the afternoon.

On Thursday we sat around in the morning and took an ATV ride in the afternoon to caves which we snorkeled in and around. Friday I sat around all day and read Philip Roth's 'American Pastoral' which I completed today. I also competed in a ping pong tournament in which I placed reasonably well.

Saturday, I took the plane back to New York, arriving by 830pm. I had a great time seeing the family and hanging out with everyone. Thanks to George and Connie for organizing the vacation.


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