Sunday, January 08, 2006

Trip to OKC

On Friday I went to work early as usual and left at 3pm for NYSC. I returned home, showered and ate. At 6pm I headed over to East 62nd and bought a desk I had found on Craigslist. Currently I have my computer set up on my coffee table; I figure a desk will be better for my back and posture.

After paying Jocelyn (I deffered collection of the desk to Monday) I met up with Dave in Queens. We chilled out for a few hours. At 930 we took the N in and walked over to Adam's house. Nicole came over and we hung out there. I left on the early side in preparation for my departure.

On Saturday morning I woke up early and squeezed in a trip to NSYC. I then showered and ate and waited for a car service to pick me up. The car came, it was a luxurious ride. I picked up some bags at E70th that were coming with me to Oklahoma City and then headed off to Laguardia.

After getting through security and to my gate I met James and Molly. Our plane left in the afternoon. We had a layover in Dallas, TX and ate dinner at the airport. We arrived in OKC at 830pm. After collecting the luggage we headed by cab to CK's house.

After freshening up, Scott (a friend of Molly's) picked us up and took us to a "swank" bar at an old oil HQ. The place had not been redecorated since its founding, and it didn't appear that the clientelle had changed either. We stayed there until midnight and then went to 'Bricktown' to a bar called Tapworks.

We stayed out until 145 and then returned home. I went to sleep in a guest room in the guest house after taking a shower.

The next morning we woke up at 8am and went to a $6.95 all you can eat buffet. We ate all we could and then went to a bass fishing store. We got back to CK's at 1030am and proceeded to pack up Nick, Jack, and Ted for their flight home.

We got the dogs checked in with little difficulty. We had a very brief layover in Dallas and then proceeded on to Laguardia. I read some newsletter manuals Brett had given me on the flight. After getting the luggage we returned to East 70th.

After dropping off the pups I was dropped off at my apartment around 830pm. I showered and made some food, hung around and went to sleep on the early side.


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