Sunday, February 05, 2006

Five Things About Myself

Skateboardingmom requested that I post five things about myself:

1) I just placed an order for my seventh consecutive pair of Adidas Superstar 2G sneakers. I will buy them on the internet whenever I can find a pair for less than $30.

2) I prepare 75% of my meals using a microwave and yet eat better than 95% of Americans.

3) I refuse to play the lottery because the odds are not in my favor.

4) When I was eleven I took my best friend's oscillating fan during a particularly hot night while at summer camp. When he protested I told him that it was necessary to turn the fan off intermittently throughout the night to prevent overheating and the potential fire hazard--only I was responsible enough to do so.

5) I despise knick-knackery.


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