Monday, June 04, 2007

Fatal Shooting at 1774 Lexington Avenue


After getting off at the 110th St. stop of the Uptown six train, I was greeted by a scene of onlookers and police - the crowd was small as it was raining.

As if in an episode of cops, I witnessed a limp body (one of his legs was hanging off the stretcher) pulled out of a red brick apartment building and placed on the street. In the next few minutes CPR was administered, frantically. I've taken CPR classes in the past, one of the things instructors instill is just how much external pressure is needed to pump blood.

After a few minutes, the individual was placed in an ambulance and whisked away.

There were at least 15 cops mulling around the street. The crowd dispersed and I walked a block and a half home and went to sleep, feeling as safe as ever.


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