Saturday, April 23, 2005

Friday, April 22nd 2005

I was watching the Superbowl, the Green Bay Packers were in it this year versus the Rams. Brett was a commentator at the game. They mentioned HCID several times on the air, even John Madden mentioned us. I was going to send a congradulatory email to Maegan and the rest of the team, but I was in Weston and I had no email. I went downstairs and saw KK giving a lecture on why Helen of Troy ran off with Paris. I then went to McDonald's, I got in the wrong line and they laughed at me when I did not request any popcorn.

This was a dream I had before I woke up at 755am. I shaved and then took a shower. I heated up some lasagna I had taken from 502. I listened to NPR and read the news while I ate; I learned that bacon and eggs as a breakfast was popularized by a public relations campaign which was lead by a follower of Freud in the 1920's.

I arrived at HCID around 930 and worked on the MicroCap database for a few hours. At noon I helped Brett get 2 cabinets from a thrift store on 84th. We had to take them up to his apartment on the 4th floor. They were large but not too heavy.

The morning went quickly. When I got to 502 I took the dogs on a walk. I came back and made some food. I talked on IM for a while and then went to the shoe repair shop to pick up CK's wingtips. Rain was threatening all day but never materialized; walking dogs in the rain sucks.

I walked the dogs again at 415 for an hour. I put on their red raincoats, their outfits illicit responses from everyone, something which I would rather avoid. When I got back I relaxed in the kitchen with Molly. BK had to eat an early dinner, he left for a baseball game at 6pm.

Myriam, another Nanny, arrived at 6pm. She ate along with Molly and myself in the kitchen. Molly made spaghetti and turkey meatballs with garlic bread and chocolate chip cookies for dessert. I finished cleaning up by 745. I then went downstairs and did a one hour chest and shoulder workout. The gym has great air conditioning.

When I got back upstairs I took the dogs on a short walk. I left at 935pm and caught the 6 back to my house. I showered and changed quickly. Nisha picked me up and we drove over to see Jess at her apartment on 109th. We hung out there for a while and then went to a bar, 1020, on 110th and Amsterdam. Sanjit came through a little later with Finn.

I caught a cab home at 1245, I went to bed about 45 minutes later.


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