Monday, May 09, 2005

Monday, May 9th 2005

I woke up at 825 and reluctantly climbed out of bed. I made breakfast, read the news briefly, and then left for work. I arrived at 925.

I worked on the silent auction all day. I wrote a lot of emails, updated the database with auction entries, telephoned several people, and wrote a few proposals. We are trying to secure a champagne sponsor for the event, we already have liquor and beer sponsors.

Brett left at noon to take care of a few things in Greenwich. Maegan was home sick. Mariajose was in the office for most of the afternoon. I sent Maegan some copy for the website and also researched some of the charity's which will benefit from the event.

I left early today, at 3:45. I stopped at a healthfood store on 84th to pick up a few loaves of bread. I took the subway home and visited the Supermarket before heading upstairs. I washed my bedding and a few delicate items in the laundry machine downstairs. I will bring the rest of my dirty clothes to work tomorrow.

I spent some time organzing papers at home. I downloaded a driver so I can utilize my wireless keyboard and switched the display settings on my monitor. I used some Drano on my shower drain which has been running slowly lately. I thought about doing a thorough cleaning of my apartment, but couldn't muster up the energy. I was supposed to meet up with Nisha, Joanne, and Sanjit for their birthday dinner, but failed.

After 8 I watched a few episodes of Carnivale, took a shower and went to bed.


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