Sunday, July 10, 2005

Sunday, July 10th 2005

I got up at 730 am and packed my clothes. I ate breakfast and waited for my dad to pick me up. When he arrived we drove to Hanscom airforce base and flew down Teterborough airport.

The flight was easy, I got a car to take me to the Townhouse for a rediculous fee. I arrived at 11am and chatted with James for a half an hour. After he left I made some lunch and sat around. I watched some tv and surfed the internet...the usual. Marla came by at 3pm to pick up some clothes, we caught up.

At 515pm I walked over to NYSC on 76th and 1st and worked out. I got home and showered. I made some food for tomorrow and swept in front of the townhouse. I conversed on IM until 9pm when I half watched some tv.

At 10pm I made my bed and did some reading. I was out by 1030.


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