Sunday, July 03, 2005

Sunday, July 3rd 2005

I was up at 8am. I cleaned up what little mess I had created over the last four days and waited for James to arrive. He got to the townhouse at 9am. I went to NYSC and had a dismal workout; I was very disapointed in myself, especially after having so much rest.

I returned to the townhouse and picked up my laundry. I brought it back to my apartment, where I showered, ate and packed. At 12pm I left for Penn Station. I redeemed my 'Will Call' bus ticket at the desk (every machine was broken). I boarded the bus to Framingham at 1pm.

I slept and read on the bus. There was some really corny movie on which I tried unsuccesfully to watch. About one hour into the journey an irritating buzzing noise started to eminate from the left side of the bus. It lasted the duration of the journey.

We arrived on time at 5pm. My mom picked me up and drove me back to Weston. I ate a sandwich and then drove over to a baseball diamond. I met up with Ilia, Bean, and John and George Serianedes as they were wrapping up a game of home run derby. At 630pm we went back to Jon's apartment and hung out. We went to 7-11 to get some beer, ordered some food from a pizza place and hung out.

At 10pm I went over too Ilia's apartment so he could shower before we went out. Here I am updating. We left at 1030 and picked up Jason at his apartment in the North End. From there we headed over to Beacon Street to a few different bars. Steph met up with us, and then Chris and a friend of his, Ilia's roomate Alex came out as well.

At closing time we went over to Chris R. apartment at the Belvedere. His parents were away. We hung out there for a while, leaving around three. Ilia dropped Jason off, then we went to the Sheraton to pick up Steph's phone which she had misplaced.

After getting back to Ilia's I drove home. I was home at 4, I showered and went to sleep.


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