Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Tuesday, September 6th 2005

I was up at 830 for breakfast and the news. I arrived at HCID and met with Brett, we discussed our respective Labor Day's before jumping headlong into work. I stsyed until 430 and accomplished a good amoount. Brett is attending a conference for MicroCap companies tomorrow and needed some help preparing.

I came home and showered after work. At 6pm I took the train to Union Square and met up with Rachel. We hung out and walked around until 730 when we took the NRW to Rector Street.

I met my cousin, Jhon Thumb at the Pussy Cat Lounge. We caught up a bit, enjoyed some drinks in the strip club downstairs and waited for his slot. Dave and Adam came through after work. He went on at 845 for a 50 minute set; I was very impressed by the performance.

Four of us headed out at 1030pm. I went back to my place for some food and reading before bed.


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