Monday, January 16, 2006

Week ended January 15th 2006

Yea yea, it's been a while since I've updated. I apologize for the inconsistent posts. That being said my blog is still better than your nonexistent blog.

Last week was pretty standard. I was in the office bumming around. BRJ was in San Fran at a conference. It appears we lined up a few more sponsors which is always good news. The weather this week was astoundingly warm and I took frequent advantage with some nice walks around the city.

I was a little under the weather. I came down with a sore throat while in Oklahoma--my illness then morphed into the stuffy nose/congestion combo. It was good times and I was feeling better by Friday.

Friday night I went to Adam's apartment. We traveled to the West Village and met up with Rustam and Kirubel. The bar was pretty cool, it had pool tables and ping pong. It was a low key environment with inexpensive beers. I forget the name of the bar...names of bars never stick in my mind. Neither do names of people.

Saturday I pretty much wasted the whole day aside from an excursion to NYSC. It was raining and snowing. I met up with Jon S. at his apartment, we watched the Patriots lose and hung out with one of his roommates. Around midnight Ben, a friend of Jon's and a doorman by trade, took us to a party on 132nd and Lenox. It was a decent time; afterwards we went to a club on 130th and 5th. The place reminded me of the club in the movie Bullworth. I took a car home around 415.

Sunday I woke up early and had a strong 7K on the erg. A guy came by to look at the chairs I am selling through Craigslist. He offered me $200 for one of the chairs, they were listed at $250. I countered with $215 but he didn't accept. I should have accepted his offer (I paid $95/chair).

Around 3pm I went over to Morningside and hung out with Rustam, Jill and Adam. We watched the Colts lose; Rustam got very depressed. I went out with Adam to get some chinee foo. We watched the next game and sat around.

Monday I woke up early again on this glorious Martin Luther King day. I had the day off so I did a back routine and then came home and shaved and showered. I met up with Steph at her apartment around 130pm. We walked up to 23rd and had lunch at the Comfort Diner--the food was good but our waitress was so nice it made me sick. After eating we went to Home Depot where I purchased a few hex wrenches. I need to buy a few screws which are missing from one of the chairs.

After the Depot we took the trains to Adam's house on 55th and sat around. Steph left at 530pm and was soon replaced with Nicole. I hung out for several more hours shooting the shit.


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