Monday, April 10, 2006

A Boston Reunion

I took the bus back to Boston on Thursday evening, I had not been home since Thanksgiving. On the way up an extremely depressing older man sat next to me. He had been traveling from Florida for the last 32 hours and had some body odor issues. He was on disability, lived with his parents (at age 50), and had a host of substance abuse isssues. He took a sip of my water, rendering the bottle worthless.

My mom picked me up in Framingham, I took a shower and went to bed. The next morning I got up early. After breakfast I went to the Dentist for a cleaning. On my return, I was chafeurred to Harvard Sq. to pick up my father's car--he was in Florida for the week.

I was bored by Noon and decided to kill some at the Natick Mall. I got a sandwich at D'angelos and then bought a pair of jeans. Having fulfilled my responsibilty as a consumer I met up with Anna S. We went to Wellesley for tea and polite conversation. I stopped by Weston at 530pm and ate some dinner before driving to Watertown and then Brookline.

26 Hamilton Road resembles a fraternity. It houses Bean, Srirup, Ilia, George, Jason, Goat, FJ (and for the week Bubbles--a dog). I hung around the apartment that night. At 1030 we took a cab to 'The Enormous Room' in Central Square where we met Ani and some of her friends from Tufts.

I stayed in Watertown that night. The next morning I utilized Cousens gym at Tufts and then drove to Weston. Viv and I went to SkipJacks for lunch, I had the Wasabe Salmon. It was delicous. Afterwards we went to Filene's Basement and then home.

At 430 I drove back to 26 for a BBQ. Srirup and I picked up some foodstuffs at the supermarket. Many people came over during the course of the evening and afternoon including Jay, Tim, Joff, John S., Bitty, and Kate F. Around 1130 we walked down the street and went to a bar.

I slept in Weston. On Sunday, after dropping off the car, I caught the bus home. We arrived at Port Authority by 630pm. I took the A,C,E to Brooklyn and met up with Adam and Nicole in Bed Sty. I didn't get back to my apartment until 1130pm; I slept soon after.


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