Sunday, March 26, 2006

EXTRA: Tens of Thousands Follow Life of Douglas Cress

As the title reveals this webpage has been visited over 10,000 times. That's considered quite a milestone for the casual blogger. Perhaps I have poured too much of myself into the blog. As Dave D. once remarked, "You need to get your head out of the blogosphere and return to reality!" Maybe he's right.

I've been hanging around my former employer’s townhouse most of this weekend. I've been sharpening my house-sitting skills hoping to parlay my experience into a full time position. It takes a certain type of person to housesit. Not just anyone can handle the long hours on the couch--watching television, eating, or surfing the internet.

I'm sure many of my readers are out there thinking, "I sit on my ass all day long. I could do your job easily." Perhaps you can sit on your ass...but can you watch TV and eat simultaneously? Can you handle the added pressure of getting paid while doing so? Experienced house-sitters, or "vacation-specialists" as we preferred to be called, have mastered the finer points of this profession. Take for example my esteemed colleague, pictured here in action.

Notice the athletic apparel. Staying comfortable while house-sitting is paramount. Secondly, take heed of the positioning--this man has quite literally planted himself on the sofa; he should be comfortable for many hours before needing to readjust. Finally, I invite you to marvel at his abilities to consume french fries while channel surfing--truly remarkable.


Blogger Marissa Beck said...

One time, I was able to plant myself on an easy-chair for 10 hours straight. Not only did I consume french fries while channel surfing, my friend. I actually got a straw to comfortably fit in the side-crevice of my mouth for easy access to a frosty milk shake. Now THAT is truly remarkable.

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