Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I have my health

Like most people, I tend not to think about my good health--that is, until I fall ill. When sick my health is all I can think about. I hate not being 100 percent, what a pain! I have trouble 'taking it easy'.

I am fortunate that sickness is no more than an inconvenience. At some point in my life I will become chronically ill. It is highly probable than a disease of some sort will kill me. Its best not to dwell on these things, especially at twenty-three, likely my physical peak.

There's something to be said for living every day like its your last. I take for granted the fact that I will live a long healthy life. This mentality factors into everything I do. I don't always put my family first, I waste a day here and there doing nothing, and I'm in no rush to procreate. Sure, there will be a time when legions of little Douglas Cress' rule the earth. That time is not yet at hand, blog readers rejoice!

Length of life is far less important than quality of life. Old age can be a slippery slope, for as we advance in years our bodies deteriorate at an exponential rate. It is far more important to maximize the years we spend in good health.

I don't smoke cigarettes, my healthy eating habits are borderline obsessive-compulsive, and I exercise religiously. It is unlikely that these factors will prevent or even delay my demise. I can only hope that my lifestyle will allow me to get the most out of the time I have.

Today I feel great, what a gift.


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