Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Pretender.

Today I witnessed an old man striding like a teen.
I was on my way to work--he was crossing Lexington Avenue at 84th.
Do old men have places to be at 8am on Tuesdays?
His flowing hair seemed slightly comical,
was he really aged?
Or Pretending?

Was this a younger man disguised as an elderly individual?
The effort would earn him a seat on the subway.
Perhaps he had his heart set on a senior discount.
Or was it something more wicked.

The application of the old man features were flawless.
It was his stride that clued me into his deceit.
Capitalizing on the wisdom of the aged,
an evil plan was hatched.

He walked far too fast...
out of sight.

Out of my mind.


Blogger J.L. said...

Hey, D.C.

Like the blog; You have a definite talent for writing. Any more on the escapades of Vladimir Krestovich? I reckon you could very successfully turn these snippets into a novel.

Best Regards,


6:30 PM  

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