Saturday, April 23, 2005

Saturday, April 23rd 2005

I got up at 845 and made a nice breakfast. I enjoyed the morning off; I did some reading and then watched an episode of Carnival (another HBO series I recently downloaded). I showered around 1030, got dressed and browsed the internet. I left for 502 Park at Noon.

When I got in I talked with BK and Myriam for a bit. I took the dogs on a walk at 1240. When I got back I:

1) Called Cleaners for a pick-up
2) Took two heavy boxes compiling an Emergency Preparedness Kit, by cab, to the townhouse. Swept the Entry.
3) Walked to Bed, Bath, and Beyond on 59th and 1st and picked up a $110 replacement pillow case (Nick or Jack had ruined one)
4) Mopped CK's room
5) Washed Nick and Jack
6) Took Nick and Jack on a walk with BK, we got back at 425 pm.

I was pretty tired when I got back. I relaxed for a little while, read the NY Times in the kitchen and ate some food. I almost fell asleep on the couch. At 7pm BK and Myriam came back from the movies. We ordered Serafina for dinner. CK joined us for the meal in the kitchen.

After dinner I put things in order, sat around for a little while, and then took the dogs on the "big loop" in Central Park. It started raining just as I was returning. I was quite fortunate the rain had held off so long.

I left 502 and got the NRW to Rector Street. It was pouring by the time I got off the train. I went to Mimi and Menka's apartment at 110 Washington Street. They live close to the World Trade Center. I was the first guest to arrive, as such I recieved exemplerary service.

Everybody and their mom was there: Dave, Rustam, Kyle, Gus, Adam. Srirup and Jones came through with Chris. Bean showed up latenight. The party was really quite good, everyone had alot of fun.

People started filtering out around 2am. Adam, Mimi, 2 chinese girls (I never caught the connection), and myself went over to a bar on 9th Ave and 14th Street, Adam's friend Andrew drove us. The bar was playing Salsa music, it made me want to learn how to dance.

I left at 330 and walked over to Union Square. I caught the 6 train home. I stopped in at the "Stop 1 Deli", downstairs from my apartment, and got some turkey so I could make a sandwich before I went to bed. I was asleep by 5.


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