Sunday, June 26, 2005

Saturday, June 25th 2005

I woke up at 730am and made breakfast. I gathered up my laundry and left for the Townhouse arriving on time for my 9am shift. I sat on the computer until 11. I made some food and then read outside until 1pm--I picked up a book about bank robbery from the entryway at 1799.

They day was uneventful. I did my laundry and watched some television. We have a lot of channels but nothing ever interests me. I made some more food, I departed at 5pm. I rode the bike for 12 miles, and returned home. I showered, folded my clothes and made my bed and then finished watching Blade Runner.

At 930pm I got dressed and took the train to Astor Place. I walked over to Avenue A and met up with Goat and Bean. We went to a bar in the area. At 12 we met up with Nicole and Nisha at 13th and A. It was Brenko's birthday party, Gerald, Sanjit, and Hashish were there.

Bean and Goat left to catch the 130 train back to Stamford, CT. The rest of us hung out until 3 or so. I took the train back; the ride seemed to last forever. I was in bed by 430.


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