Monday, July 11, 2005

Monday, July 11th 2005

I was up at 815am. I made a cheese sandwich for breakfast, dressed and left for work. I stopped in at the healthfood store for a few loaves of bread and went to the deli to purchase some chicken. I arrived at HCID at 930.

The only one in the office, I put on NPR and created a spreadsheet of companies which HCID might be interested in linking with. I ranked the companies based on several criteria. I chatted with Dave on IM.

I left the office after eating some lunch at 1145. I walked back to the townhouse and picked up my old computer tower and brought it back by subway to my home on Lexington. I hung out for a few minutes and then took the train down to 77th. I visited the NYSC there for a back workout.

I was home by 3pm. I showered and shaved and ate some food. At 430 I took the train back to the Townhouse. I ate some turkey chili which Molly had made back in September and frozen.

CK decided to visit for the day. I unpacked a few chairs and then went over to 502 to pick up some mail. Tatiana, a concierge there, vented about her job for a solid fifteen minutes. When I returned I read a few good articles from the New Yorker.

CK had some guests over at 715pm for drinks. They left for dinner at 8pm, I picked up the bar. I ate some more turkey chili and mixed nuts and then sat on the computer upstairs.

I retired at 1030 and read until 1115 when I made an attempt to fall asleep. I did not sleep particularly well.


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