Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Monday, July 4th 2005

I got up at 11am. I called Greg to wish him a happy birthday (Happy Birthday Greg!). I ate half of a sandwich for breakfast and then drove over to Brandeis where I found a long parking lot and performed 20 jump roping sprints.

I came home and showered, ate some food and iced my gimp ankle. I sat around Weston for a little while. My mom had gone to a James Taylor concert...Weston is BORING! At 2pm I drove to Harvard Square and met up with Chris R. and his friend Alex.

We ended up driving to Tufts to meet up with Jason at his sister's Fourth of July party. It was a good time...Laura did an excellent job throwing the party. Beebs was there, as well as Matt, Jason's former roomate. There was plenty of PBR to go around.

We stayed a long time, finally leaving at 7pm. Jason and I were driven by Matt over to Jason's apartment in the North End. We were planning on hitting up a rooftop party in the South End to see the fire works. We decided against this when we heard that party sucked. Instead we hung out for a little while and then drove back to Tufts.

Laura's house was dead on arrival so we went to Davis Square instead. Davis was seemingly evacuated. We hung out in front of Mike's and shared more than a few laughs. At 10pm we walked to the Library rooftop to catch a view of the fireworks.

I drove home at 1130pm, ate some food and read myself to sleep.


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