Monday, July 25, 2005

Sunday, July 24th 2005

I was up at 830am for a large breakfast. Having a large kitchen with all the necessary accoutrements at my disposal is a great perk. I sat around for the next few hours waiting for Rachel. She relieved me at 1210pm, I was bouncing off the walls by this point.

I went to NYSC at 86th for a little while and then took the train home. I stopped off at the deli before going up to get some food. I left at 330pm, as I was going to run some errands before hitting up the townhouse. I noticed I forgot my cellphone while in the subway so I had to return to my apartment to get it.

I got in and hung out with Rachel for a little while. I Didn't do too much around the house, made a good dinner and went to sleep after doing some reading, at 1030.


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