Monday, July 18, 2005

Monday, July 18th 2005

I Woke up at the townhouse and walked to HCID. I said hi to Brett and worked on a proposal and then went over to meet Dr. Schneider (I picked her because she had the same last name as Adam) at 77th.

Dr. Schneider is an orthopaepic surgeon. She examined my ankle and after some x-rays told me that I have a stress fracture on my right ankle. I have been suspicious of an injury for the last five months--I was hoping it would take care of itself. Walking dogs/walking everywhere, in addition to exercise agravated (or more aptly caused) the injury.

I'm gonna have to take it easy for a while. She told me I shouldn't walk around. Considering I live in NYC this is all but impossible. For starters, I live on the fifth floor of a five floor walkup. Unless I invest in a Segway, I'm gonna be pounding the pavement regardless of my best intentions.

I walked back to work and made some changes to the website materials. I left at three and walked to 72nd where I got fitted for my boot (it was the boot or a cast) and got a cane. I hobbled to the subway at 77th (I could not bring myself to use the cane) and took the train back to 110th. I'm gonna go back tomorrow and get some crutches. I have to stay off my ankle for 6 weeks.

At 615 I went over to Dave's in Queens and hung out there until 1030 when I returned home, read for a while and went to bed at 1245.


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