Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Tuesday, July 12th 2005

I'm stuck at the townhouse again. I'm gonna try and go to sleep at 1030 tonight so I can wake up real early. The key to housesitting is maximizing the amount of hours you can be sleeping while at work.

Earlier today, before leaving the townhouse, I chatted with Rosario, the housekeeper. She told me, for what must be the fourth time, how much she loves cleaning. I find this very hard to believe. Who enjoys cleaning other people's things? It just doesn't make sense.

Rosario is wise. How could she, a passionate cleaning enthusiast, leave something dirty on purpose?

I was at HCID from 915 - 230. I picked up some ink cartridges at Staples during the day. The saleswoman asked me to donate $1.50 to some children's charity and I left feeling bad about myself.

After work I rode a bike for 15 miles. I went home, showered and ate. I got to the Townhouse at 450pm. I went to a supermarket nearby and purchased $140 worth of paper towels and toilet paper. Having guaranteed the cleaniness of our rear-ends for the next one thousand years, I chatted with the guy installing CK's closets, about (you guessed it) closets.


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