Saturday, August 13, 2005

Friday, August 12th 2005

I woke up at 710am after someone rang the doorbell but failed to materialize. I made breakfast and ate it upstairs in the computer room. Rosario came at 840 to relieve me, I packed up some lunch and took the train to HCID.

After arriving I worked on the member enrollment kit. I had a few discussions with Brett about the future of the company. At 11 I went out and faxed my dad a copy of my driver's license to finalize the sale of the G.

I left at 115pm and stopped by the supermarket before going home. When I got in I made some lunch. I sat on the computer for a while and tried to doze off. I took a shower, packed up my laundry and dressed before leaving for the townhouse at 430pm.

After I got in I gave my regards to the housekeeper and took a bus to 59th. I stopped by Bloomingdales looking for some boxers, I left empty handed as I was unwilling to pay $19 a pair. I picked up CK's mail at 502 Park and returned to the townhouse by subway.

That evening I cooked 3 lbs of chicken, tried to purchase a bottle of vodka from the local liquor store (but was denied because of an out of state ID, and my 'youthful glow' I suppose), picked up some forties of beer, and sat around the house. Rachel came over at 10, we hung out in the library.


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