Thursday, August 25, 2005

Thursday, August 25th 2005

I got a little less than ten hours of sleep and woke up around 815am. I would need the rest for the day that lay ahead. After breakfast I took the train to NYSC on 86th for chest day. I showered there and then walked over to HCID arriving by 11am.

I stayed until 1pm and did a little background research on some of the companies we are trying to make pitches to. I also answered some HR related emails. I took the bus to the townhouse. I changed into my uniform, I felt ridiculous as the only shirt I had left is very flamboyant.

It was an exhausting day. I had a very long list of things that needed to be done. I picked up some pictures, got some shoes shined, opened mail, took a photo of the dog's face, broke down and reassembled a dresser, fixed the printer, went to Fedex, collected some groceries, walked Ted twice, made some reservations. Myriam taught me how to tie a necktie. I didn't have much time free.

Molly, Laurent, and myself ate dinner outdoors. The chef prepared new potatoes, glazed carrots, and roasted lamb with a mushroom reduction. CK had friends over for drinks at 7pm. I helped serve them, cleaned up and took the trash out. I set some mousetraps.

At 815 I took Ted on his final walk. I met up with Jess and Tayina at a restaurant on 73rd and 1st. I chatted for a few minutes and then returned to the T.H. I used the computer before leaving.

I was home at 935 pm, I went to sleep before 11.


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