Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Wednesday, August 24th 2005

I woke up at 6am and made some breakfast at 7am. I showered and went back to sleep from 8 - 9am after which point I dressed and headed off for HCID.

I had a long meeting with Brett in the morning. We discussed database development and digest circulation. I spent a few hours taking stock of where we were at and organizing a plan for the next couple of months. I emailed some of the other employees and placed some ads in Craigslist for some low paid data entry bitches.

I left at 1230pm and headed over to the townhouse. I changed into my uniform and greeted the staff who I had not seen in sometime. Today I went to Petco on 86th two times, stopped off at Fedex, developed some pictures at CVS, took a walk with Chef Molly and Ted (Ted is the new Boston Terrier...I liked him and I'm not a fan of animals), stopped off at Gracious home, and sent some pictures to Oklahoma for the staff directory.

At 6pm I took Ted on another walk. I tried picking up the pictures from CVS but they wouldn't allow the dog in. I came back to the T.H. and hung out with Molly in the kitchen. Dinner was served at 645, we had some type of fried white fish, wild rice, asparagus, and a mixed salad. Laurent, another staff member who I refer to as the 'vacation specialist' because he always accompanies the family on lavish vacations, joined us.

I cleaned up, finishing by 745pm. I sat on the computer and watched some tv with BK. I took Ted on a final walk at 830pm and left by 9pm. When I got home I used my computer and went to sleep at 1030.


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