Monday, January 23, 2006

Week Ended January 22nd 2006

This past week flew buy mostly owing to the MLK holiday. We had a lot of people hanging around the HCID office this week. It was a nice change of pace and made the hours pass more quickly.

On Thursday we met our new saleswoman from Florida. She flew up and spent two days with us learning all about HCID. I trained her on the use of the backend and we all got together for several meetings to discuss strategy.

I signed up for a Netflix account during the week. Several months ago I had brought my computer over to Rustam's house and changed some settings--since that time I have been unable to download audio or video files.

The Netflix allows you to order movies/TV shows. I signed up for the package where you get 1 DVD at a time (as soon as you send your video back they will send you your next selection) for $10/month. I've had my first DVD for about a week now but have yet to watch it; I'm considering canceling my subscription.

I took several trips to Home Depot in an attempt to replace 2 screws missing from my Wassily Chairs. I spent about an hour searching and after returning home I discovered that the screw head was about .00001mm too wide to fit through the opening.

After work on Friday, after having my first jump rope session in about 6 months, I went over to Adam's house. We sat around for a few minutes and then went to Dave's house in Queens. Nicole and Rustam came by. We sat around until 1030pm and then met up with Sarah and Adrienne (I had met them during my "year abroad" at Columbia), as well as two friend of theirs I had not met.

We coalesced at a hookah bar near Steinway and walked to the Bohemian Beer Garden. The weather this past week has, once again, been unseasonably warm. We sat outside under the cover of a tent until about 245am at which point we returned to Dave's apartment for a late night discussion.

I woke up around 10am and felt a little rundown. I traveled to 86 for some shoulder exercises and then walked home. I talked with Dan W. on the way back and then my brother. At 3pm I headed downtown to 23rd and met Chris R. at his apartment. We took a walk to the West Side and visited a few galleries he had heard about; we then hit up the Hudson River. After returning to 23rd and Park we televisioned, and at 630pm went out to dinner at an Italian restaurant up the street. I had some lamb with beans and mushrooms which was very tasty.

On Sunday I got up at a reasonable hour and did some rowing. I returned home feeling energized and made some food. At 2pm I met up with Jon S. and his former roommate at Blockheads on 81st and 2nd. We shot the shit and then walked up to 60th. I caught the N to Dave's house arriving by 4pm.

We watched the football games and went out for some Mexican food. I was home by 9pm for some reading. I am about done with a book Molly lent me entitled, "The Heart Is A Lonely Hunter" by Carson McCullers.


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