Monday, March 12, 2007

A Dream I Had

I dropped my cellphone onto the subway tracks.

It was a big subway station and I had to run all over to find the operator.

At last I found my iconoclast in a burgundy blazer.

She told me to retrieve the phone myself.

But I was too scared.


Blogger Passionate Eater said...

Luckily that was just a dream. A month ago, I saw girl who dropped her cellphone on the subway tracks, and thankfully, she left it there.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

doug - you dreamt this but it actually happened to me. - was your dream a nightmare - my reality was a nightmare with a fairy tale ending.
It was june 3, 2005. It was 2 weeks after alan died. It was my anniversary and i decided to be brave and take the train to NYC by myself - i was still shakey and but i went in to meet my mom and phil finn for dinner - i clutched that phone - it was my life- line.
I had a belt clip for the phone and just when the train was pulling into grand central i clipped the phone to my pocketbook- i got off the train - as i crossed thru the doorway my elbow brushed against the clip and then ---- my heart stopped - my phone had fallen between the platform and the train onto the tracks - i was seized with panic - i was late to meet my mom and had no way to tell her where i was - i was meeting my brother in law and forgot where his office was and didn't know how to find him -
i just stood there staring
are you riveted
next chapter - the fairy tale

6:05 PM  

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