Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Bodily Symmetry and Intelligence

Your body's bilateral symmetry statistically predicts your health, probability of depression, number of sexual partners, and resting metabolic rate (particularly if you are male).

Prokosch measured the right and left foot width, ankle width, wrist width, elbow width, ear width, ear length, index finger length, middle finger length, third finger length, and little finger length of 78 male subjects. Each subject also completed standard tests of general intelligence.

The results showed that bodily symmetry was correlated with all the measures (except for digit span), and that the size of each correlation was related to how strongly each of these measures predicts general intelligence.

Body symmetry more strongly predicts intelligence than brain size, nerve conduction velocity, reaction time reliability, and a number of other measures.

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Blogger tannaz said...

a friend of mine wrote a book about the genetic/biological reasons why children of interracial couples tend to be healthier and better-looking than their 'pure-bred' peers. this has *much* to do with symmetry:

It's called Breeding Between The Lines.

11:55 AM  

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