Saturday, March 31, 2007

BlogSoop & AdRide - A recipe for success?

I got a nice note today from Anthony at AdRide. From what I can tell they're a creative marketing firm. Anthony tells me:
BlogSoop is my favorite restaurant info website. I use it to not only get restaurant reviews, but locations and neighborhood eating ideas. I can't stomach the idea of using Citysearch or Menupages because I don't trust the reviews....I think a lot of New Yorker's feel the same way. Anyway, every time I mention your site to someone they've never heard of it..."Blog what?"

Thanks for the feedback! But is this true? Are there people who know not of BlogSoop? Anthony goes on to suggest that I look into an Adbike campaign. For those not in the know, Adbikes are high tech quadri-cycles, integrating two 6' x 4' poster panels on the chassis.

High tech quadri-cycles?? Anthony is clearly a sales genious.

He goes on to tickle my imagination with luscious imagery:
Picture the BlogSoop AdBikes cruising around NYC near the 9th Avenue Food Festival or around the Meat Packing district on a nice spring day! What do you think?

What do I think? I think its awesome. I can see it now...the BlogSoop AdBike cruising down 9th Ave., techno blasting from the bike's integrated speakers. Or perhap's the company's AdScreens are more up my alley?

One can dream.


Blogger skateboardingmom said...

LOL. Where will you have the opp. to market next??? Maybe you can design clothes that say blogsoop, it can be the new cool thing to wear and overtake things like Hollister and such!

10:36 PM  

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