Friday, May 13, 2005

Friday, May 13th 2005

Seven-thirty and I was awake. I made a simple breakfast and left for work. I got to HCID at 840 am. I worked most of the morning on the silent auction, I had to email most of the donors to remind them to send their wares along. I also installed some software on the laptop.

I left at 1210 and met up with Adam at Sutten Gardens. We walked over to a park strattling the FDR and the East River near 51st. Perfect weather today. I left at 1:20 and went to 502 Park. I did the following for CK after I arrived:

made a photo cd
printed an invoice
printed a schedule
dropped a shirt off at the cleaners
walked N & J
picked up 2 decaf coffees and a chocolate chip cookie
went to Staples
packed up glassware and kitchen goods
took a cab to townhouse to drop boxes off, walked back

At 530 I unloaded the dishwasher, practiced piano with BK and then replied to some emails for HCID. I took N & J for a walk and at 645 we ate dinner. It was only Molly, Marla and myself, everyone else was away. We had stir-fried vegetables and chicken kabobs with a peanut dip and mango salsa.

I mopped CK's room after dinner and then cleaned up the kitchen in 9D. I vacuumed. At 855 I went to the basement and had a mediocre chest workout. Molly and Marla came down and did some cardiovascular exercise. I left at 855 and walked Nick and Jack. I was home by 940. I grabbed a snack and took the 6 train home.

When I got in I showered and relaxed before going to bed around midnight.


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