Saturday, August 27, 2005

Friday, August 26th 2005

I woke up at 645am, made a large breakfast and read the news online for a while. I took a shower at 830 and then dressed and headed to HCID.

I had difficulty focusing today as I was the only one in the office. I managed to get a few things done. I left at 1240pm and walked to Modell's Sporting Goods and bought a shirt. I then printed out some pictures of Ted at CVS and purchased some timecards for CK.

When I got to the townhouse I did a bunch of paperwork for CK. I walked Ted a few times, including one walk with Myriam and Joshua. Ted napped on my lap while I worked on the computer.

At 545 I hung out with Molly and waited for dinner. I practiced piano with BK. CK and BK were out, we had a large staff dinner on the patio. Laurent, Joshua, Myriam, Molly and myself gathered for my last dinner--we had chicken stuffed with spinach, fresh pasta with a tomato basil sauce, and a large mixed salad. Molly got me a cake which read "Good Luck Doug" but they altered it to read, "Good Fuck Doug"; hardy har har.

We ate at a liesurely pace. At 745pm I started cleaning up, I was finished by 835 at which point I took Ted on a final walk. After returning I set some mousetraps and left.

I took the bus to 59th and waited for Rachel. We met up at the station and went to Opal for a drink. We met up with Adam, Charlene, Azaam and Nicole at some bar on 47th. We went to Mcfaddens even though I didn't want to. After a stop at McDonalds Charlene and Nicole left along with Azaam. Adam, Rachel and myself stopped by Azeem's (no spelling error) apartment. There were a bunch of Psi U kids I hadn't seen in a while: Tayo, Alok, Gerun and a few others.

We left around 2 and went to one other place. I was home by 3am.


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