Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday, October 30th 2005

Nobody told me it was Daylight Savings Fall Back?? I could have used an extra hour of sleep. I got up at 9am and took a shower. I then waited an hour before heading out to meet my father, Aunt Janie and Uncle Sam.

I met them at the Peninsula Hotel on 55th and 5th. We wandered over to the Beacon for a delicous brunch served in several courses. It was nice seeing everybody. After eating I said goodbye and walked with Bill to 51st and West 12th. He met a friend of his for an art show.

I walked across the island to Adam's house on 55th and 1st. We sat around and watched a few corny movies. I returned home by 645 and made some food. I did a little work and went to bed on the early side around 10pm.


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