Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Tuesday, October 25th 2005

I got up at 6am for my usual morning routine. I put on a suit and tie (socks also) and headed off for HCID. When I got in I packed up some items; Brett and I headed off for the "C.E. LS Investment Conference" arriving by 8am.

It was an interesting day. I sat through loads of presentations of small cap med tech companies. I had to leave at 930 to retrieve some documents Brett had left behind. At noon we had a meeting with the CEO of Rita. It was pretty cool meeting with him one on one and getting to ask some questions.

We had a delicous lunch at 1230 (brought me back to my days working with CK) with a small device company from Alabama. I attended many more presentations until I left at 445pm.

I braved the weather and headed to Rachel's apartment in Queens. I picked up a burrito from a mexican restaurant run by a chinese couple on the way over. We hung out, her roomates Jen and Geneva came home around 630. Skeletor and Roxie, the cats, were also lazing about.

I took off at 930 and returned home for a shower. I wrote some coorespondence and went to sleep at 1115 after doing some reading.


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