Sunday, October 23, 2005

Saturday, October 22nd 2005

I woke up and met with RM for breakfast. I hung out until 1230 and took the subway home. I tried to get a haircut after returning to my neighborhood. The woman who works at the Salgado Barbershop (she refers to me as 'Papi') told me my man wasn't in. I walked to 1799 and took a shower.

I ate lunch and sat around for 30 minutes. At 2 I headed out and met up with Steph, Lindsay, and Katie F. at a pastry shop in Greenwich Village. We walked to Soho, they went to a few stores. I tagged along, ducking out to check out the Apple Store. The 'Nano' is very cool. I had enough of watching girls shop and left for my apartment at 545.

When I got in I made some food and took a much needed hour long nap. At 815pm I went to Adam's apartment. I picked up a beer at the habib on 57th and 1st; he told me my ID was fake but said he would "sell to me anyways". He said kids come in all the time with fake ID's and "he sells to them anyways".

Adam and I kicked it, Selame came over at 10pm. It was raining pretty hard when we met him. At 1130 the three of us took a cab to Red Sky and met up with Lindsay, Steph and Katie. We stayed until 145am at which point we walked with the girls to a club on 25th. Jon, Adam and myself were unwilling to pay a $15 cover.

We hung out in the neighborhood until 3am. Jon and I took a cab to 86th; I walked the rest of the distance home and went to sleep.


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