Sunday, October 16, 2005

Sunday, October 16th 2005

I was up around 930am but sat around in bed until 1130am. I heated up some quiche Chef Molly had given me back in June and made some turkey sandwiches after showering at 1pm.

I watched two Episodes of Deadwood. At 3pm I walked to the Subway. I retuurned home and hung around. I cleaned my apartment. Selame dropped by at 5pm. We hung out for a little over an hour.

I walked to Pathmark, a supermarket on 125th and loaded up on some supplies. I found some good deals including 3 dozen eggs/ $2 and a 6lb bag of frozen spinach. It was a pain getting the food back to my apartment.

When I got home at 8pm I ate a whole chicken. I went to sleep at 11pm after doing some reading.


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