Monday, October 10, 2005

Sunday, October 9th 2005

I slept until 1030am. I then got up and took a shower; the smoke from the Hookah Cafe had permeated every inch of my body. I made breakfast and did 30 minutes or so of work. At 1245 I went to Goat's and hung out with him and Bean. We went to a diner for some lunch.

After eating we went to a park on 51st and the East River. We returned to Goat's apartment and watched an episode of 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' with Derek. Bean and I left at 330pm. I walked to 59th and went to the supermarket before returning home. I did an hour of work for HCID.

Rachel came over at 515pm. We hung around my apartment; we went to the Deli to get some food at 930pm. I went to sleep around midnight.


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