Friday, September 30, 2005

Thursday, September 29th 2005

I got up and made a quick breakfast. I stripped my bed and collected my laundry and then headed over to HCID. I arrived at 945am; I had the place to myself. I did research on the 'Medtech 50' all day. Maegan showed up at 1230.

Work was relaxing, I did my laundry and chatted on IM when not working. I left at 430pm and returned home. I folded my clothes and then laid down on my sofa. I passed out from 6 - 630pm. When I got up I made some food and showered. At 730 I walked crosstown to Rustam's house, I talked to my Greg on the way.

I picked up some Natural and an Entenmanns cake. It was Rustam's 23rd birthday. Adam came over and Dave; Jill felt sick, I met their new roomate Francesca. At 1040 we went to '1020'. We bumped into Finn who ended up hanging around with us and doing some good Sanjit impersonations. I also saw Greg S.

I left at 1245 and walked back home. When I got in I made a snack and went to sleep.


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