Sunday, September 25, 2005

Saturday, September 24th 2005

I woke up at 1015am feeling not so great. I sat on my couch for an hour and then made breakfast. By 1130 I had motivated and hit up NYSC on 76th and 1st for a shoulder workout and 2000 meters on the erg.

I returned to my house and ate again after a shower. At 330pm I got on the train and headed to 51st where I met Goat. We walked around Central Park and made our way to the West Side. After stopping in at Tower Records we hit up a movie theater where we watched 'Thumbsucker' which I found somewhat enjoyable. I have trouble sitting through a full length film.

Afterwards Jonathon and I walked back to the East Side. At 730 we met Chris and went over to Fusia, a chinese restaurant. I hung out with them until 810pm when I left and picked up a burrito and walked to Adam's house.

Adam had been watching a movie when I arrived. He watched the last twenty or so minutes and then we purchased a couple of beers and strolled to the park on East 51st which overlooks the river. We sat around until 1015pm when we met up with Henry and Mimi on 2nd avenue. We went back to Adam's apartment.

Adam almost died after accidentally inhaling some gin (Henry had cracked a joke at an inopportune moment). He rallied and we went to a few bars in the area. I left at 2am and took the train back to my house. It tok a while because they are doing construction on the 456 at night. I was asleep by 315am.


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