Monday, October 03, 2005

Monday, October 3rd 2005

I got up at 9am, I felt like I could have slept another hour at least. I dressed quickly and had a small breakfast and then left for HCID. I had a meeting with BRJ in the morning.

Most of my day was spent working on the Medtech portal and the medtech research project. I made some inqueries with Hoover's, an online service which provides financial info. The day went by quickly, I left at 430pm.

After work I hit up NYSC for a good back day. I was home by 615pm when I showered and made dinner. I washed my bedding and some assorted laundry. I wrote a series of emails and at 8pm walked crosstown to Rustam's apartment. Dave and Nicole were there chilling out.

I left at 11pm and walked back home. I had a snack and did some reading before going to bed sometime after midnight.


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