Saturday, October 08, 2005

Friday, October 7th 2005

I woke up and did my usual morning style and then went to HCID. I arrived at 930am and stayed until 430pm. In that time I showed MJ how to assist me with some analyses for the Medtech 50. I updated the news, corresponded with some people at Edgar's, edited the new membership package (details membership) and worked a little while on the Medtech 50.

I walked to 96th and got a bus home the rest of the way as it had started to drizzle. I talked to my mom, and then went home and showered. I cleaned up my place a little bit and ate some food.

Rachel came over at 730, we hung out until 1045 when we caught the train to 51st. We got some pizza at a restaurant close to the subway (after killing a cockroach) and then met Adam, Rustam and Nicole at 'The Town Crier' for a beer.

Bean and his friend Megan, Jones, Chris, Derek, and Goat met us at the bar. We hung out the until 1245 at which point I left and returned home around 130am.


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