Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Tuesday, November 8th 2005

I got up at 630am, ate breakfast and then left for work. I arrived at 745am and met with Brett. I spent the first part of my day handling coorespondence and checking over the work of my data entry monkeys. I spent the rest of the day writing brief bios of companies for our publication.

I left work at 2pm and walked to 72nd and 5th where I met up with Rachel. I accompanied her on a dog walk in the park. We dropped off the dog at 3pm and then got a snack at 57th and Lex. She left at 4pm and I walked to 51st and 6th.

Adam had received a package from my mom which included a jury summons, which I hope to get out of. I hung out with him while he took a smoking break. I then walked to Lexington and took the subway home.

When I got in I noticed by WNYC totebag in my mailslot. I made some food and took a shower. I sat around on the computer until 9pm when I did an hour of reading and went to sleep. I've been in the 10pm sleep groove so far this week.


Anonymous Freddy said...

Hello Doug, this is Uncle Freddy,
Reading your daily activities I can almost see you. But you are a man now and not that litle kid I remember.
I'll be reading more often
U. Freddy

6:19 PM  

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