Saturday, November 05, 2005

Friday, November 4th 2005

I woke up at 8am and ate breakfast while listening to the radio. I headed off for work. I updated the news, had a few meetings with Brett, and worked with Maegan on importing some new contacts.

At 245 pm I left and dropped off a package for BRJ near Chinatown. I hit up NYSC on 23rd and Park for a shoulder day; it was nice as the place was nearly empty. At 5pm I took the subway home.

I showered and ate some food. I took a nap and talked for a little while on the telephone. At 815pm I took the train to Adam's apartment. Rustam, Kirubel and Nicole were there hanging out.

We stayed around Adam's until 11 when we took a cab to the East Village and went to a bar. The place allowed smoking which is a rare these days. I've been trying to start smoking cigarettes for some time now, they are so delicious and satisfying. I love the cigarettes, especially the way they taste and smell. My favorite brand is Newport Menthols.

I walked to St. Marks and took the subway home. I returned a little after 2am for food and sleep.


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