Wednesday, December 07, 2005

I will never own a DVD library.

In the last five years, DVD's have exploded in popularity. I see them advertised often, on billboards, all over subways, and in print. They are put forth as the 'hot gifts' (I shudder at the phrase) every holiday season. And for good reason, sales of DVD's oftentimes outstrip ad revenues or sales generated at the box office.

I will never own a DVD library. Children enjoy watching movies over and over again, I do not. Even my favorite movies require only a handful of viewings before I have grown tired of them.

Rental services like Netflix allow you to rent DVD's for only a dollar or two. Their DVD libraries encompass 50,000 titles. Unless you want to view a movie on more than ten occasions, it is more cost effective to rent than buy. What is it that drives people to accumulate a sprawling assortment of movies and TV shows?

Is it the bonus features?

Compiling a DVD collection is a means to an end. The end in this case is owning a collection, any collection. We have been mislead in our desire to be good consumers.

Displayed prominently next to your television in a tasteful black cabinet, your comprehensive library of DVD's will be coveted by all those who visit. On closer inspection a visitor may comment on your sensitive nature, after seeing a copy of "The Piano". They may smirk after noticing 'Under Siege', starring Steven Seagal-- "It was on sale", you tell them.

DVD's have become the baseball cards for a new generation. You're nothing without a Scarface, a Godfather, or a Star Wars trilogy. We have been deluded into buying more stuff, for no other purpose than to have it and display it.


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