Sunday, December 04, 2005

Saturday, December 3rd 2005

I did not get up until 1030am. When I did I made breakfast and listened to NPR while reading the news. At noon I dressed and headed over to NYSC. I did a full body split with good energy.

When I got home I shaved and showered. I made a bunch of food and then picked up my apartment. At 415 I took the train and met up with Steph on 39th St. We walked over to Times Square which, as usual, was buzzing with people. We missed a 5 o'clock show so we wandered around the area. At 6pm we watched Syriana at the Loews; neither of understood what was going on in the film.

At 820pm we took the N to Chris R.'s apartment on 23rd; we got some food at Pax. The three of us hung out there until 11 or so. I saw Seth and Rahul briefly for the first time in a long time. After leaving Steph and I walked uptown; she went home and I met up with Adam on 57th.

Rustam and Dave came in also. We hung around the Middle East and went to a few different spots. I left at 230pm, when I got in I made some food and went to sleep at 345.


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