Wednesday, May 04, 2005

I woke up at 810 (my internal clock functions on an atomic level) and had a shave and shower. I made a toasted ham and cheese sandwich for breakfast, read the news and left for HCID.

I arrived at 925am and devoted the morning to the Silent Auction. I had a few meetings with Brett along the way. I found a photographer to donate his time for the event, contacted some hotels, and a few restaurants. My ultimate goal is to get a few gyms to donate memberships so I can buy one at a discounted rate.

Gaiyee came in at 1230. Brett, her and I met to discuss the survey. I then explained to her the basics of the Polo operations, in case someone calls in with a question.

I left at 120 and took the 6 to 502 Park. Upon arrival I scanned in several pictures for CK and sent them to a woman in Oklahoma. I then organized my recepits for April. I took Nick and Jack on a 45 minute walk at 230pm, I picked up CK's shoes on my way home. When I got back to 502 I unloaded the dishwasher. I went out to find some medium sized safety pins for CK. I had to go to 3 different places, ultimately I found them at a cleaners.

When I got back I met with the building manager and obtained the paint scheme for the apartments. A couple of painters are coming after we move out to touch up the apartments. I hung out with Molly in the kitchen.

At 530 I went to Fedex with Nick and Jack and dropped off a package. Upon my return I met with the new 'Personal Shopper", Joshua, who CK hired to select our new uniforms. After measuring me he told me what he had in mind. Basically, vintage fitted jeans and printed button down shirts.

He ate with Simon, BK, and Rosalinda in the living room. Molly prepared a tomato and mozarella salad to start and for the main course duck with sweet potato hash and sauteed spinach. We had berry cobbler with vanilla frozen yogurt for dessert. It took me forever to clean up. Molly is not going to be here for tomorrow or Friday's dinner. She prepared meals in advance. I vacuumed and mopped CK's room and then saw to the disaster in the kitchen.

At 855 I took the dogs on a final walk. When I got back I left a message on KK's phone; he needs some help with his computer again. I changed and did an intense 50 minute back workout in the gym downstairs. I left at 1040 and caught the 6 just as it arrived.

I stopped in at the Deli on my way home and bought a quart of milk. I took a shower and then made a huge bowl of oatmeal with walnuts. I went to bed after midnight.


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