Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Tuesday, May 3rd 2005

I got up at 810, made some pancakes with oatmeal for breakfast, listened to Morning Edition and then left for HCID. I got in at 920 and met with Brett for about an hour and a half. We discussed the entire scope of our business operations and made a tentative plan for the next couple of months.

I spent some time working on updating the list of companies for the MicroCap portal. It seemed like it took me longer than it should have. I fixed the interviews section on the newsletter page. The day started to creep by around 1pm; listening to streaming NPR helped that somewhat.

During the afternoon I worked on the Charity Polo Match. I was put in charge of donations for the silent auction. I went through last years list of contacts and made several calls asking for donations. I was successful with 80% of the people I got in touch with. I felt as if I was making sales, and in no way helping underprivalaged children or furthering melenoma research.

I left work at 515 and walked home. The temperature was pleasent. When I got home I touched base with my dad by telephone, heard that David Carpio's brother had committed murder and then took a towncar over to 109th and Amsterdam.

I arrived at 615. Sanjit, Jill, Rustam and Jess were hanging out. We sat around, watched part of Jeopardy at 7. At one point Rustam and I went to the Gourmet Deli to get some food. On my return I commented how the new Trident gum is not as good as the old (they've reformulated)and offered a free taste test; somehow this spurred the crew into a spontaneous rendition of the 'Big Red' theme song.

At 9 I walked with Jess and Tayena to 113th and Broadway, the were going to the heights to get some food. I left and walked crosstown to my apartment, picking up a new MetroCard on the way back. I relaxed, read and went to bed around 1130.


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