Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday, April 29th 2005

I woke up at 730, I wanted to get to HCID earlier than usual so I could go out to lunch. I made breakfast, took out the trash, and left. I arrived at 815. I responded to emails in the morning, had a 1/2 hour meeting with Brett about an upcoming Arthroscopy conference, and then went to the post office in an attempt to buy stamps. They wouldn't let me buy the $700 worth with Brett's credic card.

When I got back I met with Maria-Jose and taught her how to process payments for the Polo Match. At 1130 Brett and I timed ourselves to see how long it would take to put 100 address labels onto the postcards we had printed up. We decided to outsource the job, I found a place next to the post office on 217 E85th, we took the supplies over. I then left for lunch.

I met Chris R. and Dave D. for a POWER luncheon on the NW corner at 50th and 5th. We walked to Au Bon Pain got our food and ate outside. We disbanded sometime after 1pm. I walked to 502 Park. When I got in I took the laundry downstairs and took Nick and Jack on the small loop in central park; I ran into Rachel on the way back. I bought some shampoo for Blake and some cleaning supplies at Home Depot. When I got back to 502 I oiled the hinges on the doors and met with CK for a few minutes. Later that afternoon I spent some time working on the stamp collection.

I took the dogs on another walk from 6 - 630pm. When I got back I unloaded the dishwasher and sat down for dinner. Molly made grilled chicken with a mango salsa. grits with corn, cilantro and turkey bacon, asparagus and a mixed green salad. I passed on the dessert, chocolate pancakes with chocolate pudding chocolate chips, anc chocolate sauce.

CK and Tio ate quickly in the living room. After they were done I cleaned up. It took me about an hour, I was done by 830. I made two car reservations and then took the dogs on a walk from 850 - 930. When I got in I changed into shorts and did a chest and shoulder workout in the basement.

CK gave me a file organizer, and Molly gave me the left overs so I had a lot to carry on the way home. I got a good connection and was at 1799 by 1115. I showered, and relaxed before going to bed.


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